Newborn Support launch - black baby.png

My dream come true support for new mums.

Inperson weekly meeting (with Zoom in option)

Thursdays 12 - 2.15pm
Church of The Most Sacred Heart,
73 Pembroke Road, Ruislip Manor  HA4 8NN

WhatsApp support in between meetings

Liz (Physical postnatal recovery, Birth Trauma Practitioner); Sarah (Breastfeeding Counsellor & Baby Massage Instructor) and Kathrynn (Postnatal Emotional Health Specialist) have joined together to provide the postnatal support they wished they'd had as new Mums.

This complete monthly support package for the Newborn Period includes:

  • Goody Bag (just for you Mama with our love)

  • In person weekly meeting with sofas, hot drinks, biscuits and, most importantly, a chance to be listened to, heard and offered confidence boosting expert guidance on newborn issues from feeding and crying (you or the baby!) to managing exhaustion and your mental health to supporting your physical postnatal recovery. Informal, relaxed and friendly. Babies are expected and welcome to come with you. It may be possible for a support person to come with you (depending on space), please ask.

  • Private WhatsApp group with very short teaching videos posted regularly and your questions answered. Often within the hour but definitely within 24 hours

  • Opportunites to book extra 1 to 1 services with Kathyrn, Liz and/or Sarah (additional fee)

  • Signposting to other expert services like Sacrocranial Osteopathy, Lactation Consultant, Tongue-Tie Practitioner and local NHS and Children's Centre Services

  • Graduation Ceremony when it's time to move on from the Newborn Support Package into our fun, older baby classes :)