Baby Massage Classes





All courses/sessions:​

  • Are small, cosy groups or 1 to 1

  • Include tea, cake and supportive chat

  • Include a laminated prompt chart to hang in your nursery

  • Are suitable from 8 weeks

4 week course also includes:

  • Beautiful keepsake completion certificate for you and your baby 

  • Simple keepsake wooden heart with your's and baby's name 

  • Lifetime access to online baby massage course

NB Please bring your own preferred Baby Massage Oil

4-session, group baby massage course for 4 - 8 mums/dads (1.5h per session) in my home or yours, or I have an external venue in South Ruislip.  Arranged at times/dates to suit you.  £45 total fee (£7.50 an hour)

1h workshops in my home or yours:  £40 (feel free to invite a friend or two and share the cost!)

Choose from:  'Lovely legs and Comfy Tums' or 'Teething and Tummy Time' or I can tailor-make a workshop for your baby's specific needs.

Why Baby Massage?

Welcome to baby massage!  A really enjoyable, relaxing and highly

beneficial activity for you and your baby. 


Benefits for Mum:

  • relaxing

  • increases confidence in responding to baby’s physical needs (wind, snuffly nose, cough, teething pain) 

  • knowledge that baby massage time is supporting her baby's optimal development. 

  • lovely support from other mums in the group sessions which some studies suggest may be protective of mother’s emotional health.

  • tea and cake.......what more could you want :).

Benefits for Baby:

  • supporting his or her physical growth and development

  • boosting circulation and immune system

  • assisting lymphatic drainage which may be detoxifying

  • promoting 3D body awareness

  • strengthening new neural pathways

  • additional sensory input to stimulate the brain

  • dedicated time to show them how much they are loved :)

  • promoting physical comfort and sleep (relief of colic, teething etc..)

  • nurturing the mother/baby bond for secure emotional development

  • promoting relaxation in the baby through oxytocin and endorphins released during  gentle touch

  • Enables the baby to have a positive association with relaxation and releasing muscle tension which will last a life time.  

There are even, potentially, wider benefits for society as we mothers strive to raise physically healthy and emotionally secure babies who will grow to be the next generation of happier, healthier adults. 


Try this simple,wonderful, enjoyable and relaxing practice for far reaching benefits for everyone!

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