Baby Massage Classes






A simple rolling Baby Massage class - on Zoom or in-person

Join us when you're ready from around 8 weeks - stay for as many or as few classes as you want. 

We aim to cover all aspects of the massage routine every 4 classes, tailored, of course, to the babies in the class at any given time.

Please bring/use a mat; towel for your baby to lie on; and some oil/cream.

You can read about which creams or oils to use here.

How is Baby Massage beneficial?

For Babies:

  • It can calm and soothe them (if they are not in the mood, need feeding/changing or are crying or sleeping - please feel free to tend to their needs while you watch me demonstrate on my doll and then, at the end of the class, when others are chatting, we can go through it again, one to one).

  • It may boost their natural immunity through supporting lymphatic drainage

  • It boosts their production of the homone Oxytocin which nurtures their continually deepening bond with their parent.  Oxytocin also has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant properties

  • It boosts the production of endorphins which helps the baby feel calmer

  • It helps their brain  to learn about the different parts of their body - something they're not aware of in the early weeks and months.

For Parents:

  • It's calming and relaxing - when your baby is in the right mood for massage!

  • It produces Oxytocin and endorphins in parents too, with the associated benefits listed above

  • It reinforces the amazing things you do for your  baby and how helpful that is for their development; helping you to feel really good about what you're doing.

  • It provides contact with other parents which can lessen any sense of isolation and build confidence as you see that the joys and struggles of early parenthood are pretty universal

  • We include a little stretch and relax of neck and shoulders for parents as - wow! - your neck and shoulders take the frontline in all that feeding, cuddling and carrying!

  • Someone else gets you a drink and (usually) you actually get to finish it!

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