Baby Yoga

In person or on Zoom

Come and join our supportive group.

  • Time to discuss common Mum challenges at the start

  • Then enjoy lots of brain boosting stretches, movement and songs for babies

  • Develop baby's vestibular and proprioceptive systems (balance and knowing where your body is in space) 

  • Make new friends and know for sure you are not alone.

  • Lots of other support available too, just ask.

  • Covid secure, details here.

......and a few stretches and breaths for Mums snuck in to destress, stop & take a breath, and ease aching neck, back & shoulders...You deserve it!

....Have some fun and dedicated time for you and your baby. Plus treat yourself to some time for Mum-chat and Mum-bonding (over squash and a biscuit in in-person classes) near the end.

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