Baby Yoga

 safe from 8w, ideal from 12w


No waiting

In person Mon 11.30am or Thurs 12.30

4 classes over 5 weeks £40 (flexible use) or £12.50 PAYG

Come and join our supportive group.

  • Enjoy lots of brain boosting stretches, movement and songs for babies

  • Develop baby's vestibular and proprioceptive systems (balance and knowing where your body is in space) 

  • Covid secure, details here.

Mothers Exercising with Babies
Practicing Yoga with Babies

......and a few stretches and breaths for Parents snuck in to destress, stop & take a breath, and ease aching neck, back & shoulders...You deserve it!

....Have some fun and dedicated time for you and your baby. Plus.....

Mother and Baby

Join any class for:

  • Community support & chat

  • free mentoring in our exclusive FB group

  • Short, guided discussions about motherhood

  • Posh squash and a Cafe Bronte Biccie! (inperson only!)

  • Themed classes through the year

  • Social events

  • 10% Loyalty discount on class passes

  • Weekly email sharing the highs and challenges of motherhood