Baby Yoga Explore

Mondays 1 - 2pm and Fridays 10.30am - 11,30am

at Ruislip Manor Methodist Church, Torrington Road, Ruislip. HA4 0AS


No waiting

This class is ideal for babies on the move!  From commando crawlers to wobbly walkers. So approximately 9 months and up. We have the same aim as the younger Baby Yoga group - to develop the brain through movement and songs - but now we get the babies to do the movement themselves.

There are a few circle times 

Alfie on the steps.jpeg

through the class which we signal with bubbles and a tambourine jingling for just one action song (to bring in some more traditional baby yoga) but then they're off for lots of free, exploratory play with their favourite person - you! Through climbing, rocking, sliding and

exploring textures - with some specialised equipment but some simple everyday items too.

At the end we always have some time for babies to explore an individual sensory tray, while mums have juice, biscuit and chat time.

This class is designed to develop the Vestibular and Proprioceptive systems of the brain which are all to do with balance and dexterity; which all feeds into reading and writing skills too. 

BYX set up.jpg

Of course, the gentle structure and familiarity of routine that the class offers, is helpful for developing a sense of community and beginning to learn to follow a simple, baby-friendly structure within a group setting.  Great skills for nursery or school.

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