Birth Partner Sessions

2 evening sessions  7.30 - 8.45pm

Next dates: Friday evenings in late Jan 2020

£25 in total for mother & birth partner(s) for both sessions

South Ruislip Christian Fellowship Building, Deane Avenue, South Ruislip. HA4 6SR

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Relaxed, fun sessions.  Birth partners get a small taste of the Pregnancy Class and learn invaluable skills for supporting at the birth.  Very man friendly session :) case any male birth partners are unsure!

Session 1 - Straightforward birth

  • Supporting a labouring woman's breathing and visualisation

  • Simple, effective massage techniques and supportive holds/touch

  • Enabling a woman to assume the best positions for her to speed the labour & birth process

  • Creating a helpful birth environment to make labour as comfortable as possible - even when it's challenging (ie: the car!)

  • Helpful things to say and what not to say....

  • The importance of Oxytocin

  • How the baby fits through the pelvis/birth canal

  • How to know if the labouring mother is ok or needs more support/pain management

  • Positions in a birth pool and using birth balls effectively (gym balls)

Session 2 - When birth is not so straightforward

  • Supporting a mother using an epidural

  • Supporting breathing and visualisation in induction and C-birth

  • Maintaining oxytocin levels to help with recovery, bonding and breastfeeding

  • Being the mother's advocate

  • Maintaining positivity without being unrealistic

  • Looking after yourself so you can continue to be an efffective birth partner

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