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Ruislip Mums Business Network

Social Media Cross Posts
  • Use the specified hashtag (so we can find each other's posts)

  • Use your usual hashtags too

  • Like and comment on each post

  • Share post to your story if possible/appropriate

  • Don't feel obliged to take part every time

  • You can share the post to all your platforms but we'll only commit to comment on each other's posts on one platform each week

Mondays 10.30am

8th August - FB 'Something surprising'......about my job/what I teach/my area of expertise/parenthood/me etc... #RMBNsurprising

15th August - INSTA 'Reality vs insta' Some kind of reality pic or video - your room before it's set up, the boot of your car after class, you at the end of the day....anything that gently pushes back at the insta perfection and encourages Mums to know that we're not perfect either! #RMBNreality

22nd August - FB 'best thing about my job' #RMBNbestjob

29th August - INSTA 'New term excitement' Anything new for you or your business this Sept #RMBNSept

5th Sept - FB 'Soothing Tip' Something that would soothe a mum or a baby (n any circumstance) #RMBNSoothe

12th Sept - INSTA 'Saddest thing I hear in my job' For me this is: 'I didn't know my baby had tongue tie' so I'll write about how much i want to support new mums with my newborn mum club so that I can help them spot things like this sooner. #RMBNsad

19th Sept - FB 'How I relax' Encourage other Mums to relax and see a glimpse of the real person behind the business. #RMBNrelax

26th Sept - INSTA 'My Top Tip'......for pregnant women/for Mums/for baby care/for health & wellness. #RMBNtoptip

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