Daddy & Me

while Mummy has tea (and a Massage!)

Why should Mums have all the fun? It's Dad's turn! Let Dad experience a baby class and some quality bonding time.  Dads come together to have fun with their babies doing simple Baby Massage and Baby Yoga in a Dad-friendly environment.


Mums are in the adjacent room and can peek through the viewing window by lifting the curtain.  Mums will be enjoying a well earned break with afternoon tea style refreshments and a pampering massage.  Choose from IIndian head massage or neck, back and shoulders (through clothes).


Liz will quickly fetch any Mum who is needed!

PS Dads get tea, cake & chat too....shhhhhh!

Me with parachute.jpg
Daddy massaging baby foot.jpg

£28.50 per couple and 1 baby per session

(no extra charge for twins)

2021 dates coming soon!

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