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Meet this amazing male midwife

How would you feel about having a male Midwife? This is Mark Harris who has a brilliant website called Birthing 4 Blokes ( He writes very passionately and respectfully about birth. As you can imagine, he's great at speaking to men about birth.

Men often say they feel a bit of a spare part during the pregnancy but are pleasantly surprised to find out how much they can do during labour and birth. It's important to reassure men that their supportive, loving presence alone can increase a woman's amount of birth hormone (oxytocin) that can shorten a labour and make it more comfortable than it would have been. If they're able to do more in terms of protecting the environment, advocating and physical support, then even more so.

Mark Harris has so many resources for men during labour and birth. Have a look yourself and forward to a man you know who's hoping to be at the birth of his child.

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