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Socials coming up! Save the dates :) ......

Sat 8th Aug 8pm

Mum's night out (but in)

Friendly fun, pregnancy, birth & labour Olympics

Wed 19th Aug 11am

Online Relaxed Coffee Morning & Baby Quiz

I have loved getting to know all of you more from seeing you in your homes online and all the sharing we've done of our family heritage, favourite items, best baby pics and so on. Lets continue this with a Mum's night out (but in)!

A Chance to dress up a little, but this is definitely optional! Bring or wear something sparkly! And have plenty of drinks and snacks of your choosing to hand. We'll get into small teams in the breakout rooms (we'll sort this out on the night) and you can choose a team name.

We'll hop in and out of the breakout rooms through the evening to complete the Olympics. Events include most unusual pregnancy

symptoms; most unusual conception story; team with the longest and shortest average length of labour; poo-nami challenege (a bit like long jump but with poo - please note, this is not a live event! Recollections only!). Please save the date and make sure you're there (babies welcome).

And then on the 18th, we have a slightly more sedate coffee morning with a baby quiz and some great polls. For example, list all the words that describe how you have felt about your partner or close family since you found out you were you type descriptive words into the App I'll send you; a word cloud will appear on the screen. Very anonymous but words that come up regularly get bigger and bigger - it can be very funny and revealing! And then we'll have a baby quiz, just for fun with some opinion polls on common tricky baby conundrums. And lots of time to chat of course.

Please save the dates, sign up to the August Summer Special when booking launches in a day or two....and I'll see you there!

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