Mum & Baby Strengthen & Stretch

Come and join this super supportive class for new mums online or inperson. 

  • Help to gently assist core and pelvic floor function and recovery

  • Enjoy bonding time with your baby

  • Discuss the challenges of new mum life

  • Bubbles, scarves, rattles and parachute play for the babies

  • Get more support where needed, just ask

This class includes: Pilates exercises and Yoga-based stretches for Mums. Babies join in and get a bit of Baby Yoga too!

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No waiting

Venue info

Come and join any class for:

  • Community support & chat

  • free mentoring in our exclusive FB group

  • Short, guided discussions about motherhood

  • Posh squash and a Cafe Bronte Biccie! (inperson only!)

  • Themed classes through the year

  • Social events

  • 10% Loyalty discount on class passes

  • Weekly email sharing the highs and challenges of motherhood

Are you Covid secure?

Yes, we are.  Please see details here.

How soon can I start this class?
This class is suitable from 8 weeks post birth.
My baby is very unsettled, should I come?
I am very used to unsettled babies and am very happy to have them in the class; it can be stressful for Mum though.  Both venues have side rooms you could escape too if you need a break from the class.  I try to keep the class very flexible so that there are options to move around, sing a song, do some Baby Massage or Baby Yoga if I feel that will help a baby to enjoy the class. 

Practicing Yoga with Babies

What happens in the class?
We begin with a very short names and ages intro round and a chance to share your thoughts on a Mum challenge like: How are you supposed to get out of the house on time?!
Then we do some destressing, simple relaxation for Mums to release tight shoulders from all that feeding and cuddling and stop and take a breath. 
We then move into our gentle core strengthening exercises and Yoga-based stretches.
weave in some brain boosting Baby Massage and Baby Yoga for the babies through the session and use bubbles, scarves, rattles and parachute play to keep them engaged.  And we finish with the all important Mum-chat to make friends and know for sure you are not alone with the joys and challenges of new motherhood!

Exercising with Baby

What facilities do you have on site?

Fully equipped kitchen, nappy changing, toilets, car park