Mum & Baby Strengthen & Stretch

Pilates exercises and Yoga-based stretches for Mums: regain core strength and release tight muscles.

Babies join in when possible and get a little bit of Baby Yoga too!

How soon can I start this class?

This class is suitable from 8 weeks post birth and ideal for babies from 12 weeks.  They are welcome at 8 weeks but may sleep or feed through the class.  This is fine by me but can sometimes be a bit frustrating for Mum.


My baby is very unsettled, should I come?

I am very used to unsettled babies and am very happy to have them in the class; it can be stressful for Mum though.  Both venues have side rooms you could escape too if you need a break from the class.  I try to keep the class very flexible so that there are options to move around, sing a song, do some Baby Massage or Baby Yoga if I feel that will help a baby to enjoy the class. 


What happens in the class?

We begin with a very short names and ages intro round and a simple Mum question (like, what's your fave place to take your baby - apart from BellyTots, of course ; ) ) and then do some simple relaxation for Mums to relax tight shoulders from all that feeding and cuddling! We then move into a warm up before our main Pilates core strengthening exercises and Yoga-based stretches. I weave in some Baby Massage and Baby Yoga. 

We finish by using the parachute and songs to distract the babies while we stretch out in a closing phase. Then there's the all important chat for 15 minutes (over squash and biscuits for the in-person class).

What facilities do you have on site?

Fully equipped kitchen, nappy changing, toilets, car park

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