Pregnancy Relax, Stretch and Breathe

Pilates & Yoga inspired 

Mondays inperson 7.30pm

£35 for 4 classes or £10 PAYG

South Ruislip Christian Fellowship, Deane Avenue, South Ruislip. HA46SR

Parking onsite and free on the road

Thursdays online 7.30pm

£25 for 4 classes or £7.50 pay-as-you-go

How often should I attend?

As many times as you can up to the birth of your baby for

maximum benefit from the class.

Do I need experience?

Not at all.  Absolute beginners welcome, the class is also

suitable for intermediate level.  Advanced Pilates and Yoga

enthusiasts may want to continue to attend their regular class

as well, to be challenged enough; but will benefit from all the

pregnancy, birth and mothering preparation in this class. 

Experienced Yoga enthusiasts may miss a focus on yoga

philosophy, as the focus of the class is very much on birth 


What should I bring and wear?

Comfy, stretchy clothes are a must.  Please bring a mat,

blanket/throw and cushion/pillow.  These are to keep you comfy in class.  Please also bring water.  I provide individually wrapped biscuits if you need a snack!


Liz Sheridan, BellyTots Instructor, at BellyTots Pregnancy Yoga
Pregnant Women in Yoga Class

What's the format of the class?

  • Peaceful environment with lower lighting

  • Short 10min discussion on mothering or birthing

  • 45mins of strengthening, relaxing postures & exercises with gentle background music

  • 5 minutes of practising breathing, positions & visualisations for birth (very simple, comfortable, easy to follow and no need to make any sounds)

  • 10 - 15 minute deep relaxation 

  • Linger for a quick chat with others if you can

  • Once a month, we make time for a cuppa too!

What are the benefits to me and my baby?

Benefits for Mum:

  • Strengthen the body and maintain or improve flexibility ready for birth and mothering

  • Learn how to apply breathing techniques to a range of situations (sleeplessness; early, established and advanced labour; C-birth; stress; early parenting; after-pains)

  • Become familiar and comfortable with a range of positions to ease pregnancy discomforts and speed up labour.

Newborn Baby

  • Develop the ability to release muscle tension consciously to decrease discomfort during labour and birth

  • Decrease stress

  • Decrease mild to moderate anxiety and depression (studies show that this type of exercise can be as helpful as drugs in relieving symptoms of mild to moderate anxiety and depression)

  • Bond with baby is nurtured and supported


Benefits to Baby:

  • Support optimal brain development for the baby through enabling Mum to have times of relaxation

  • Babies are able to sense change in the mother's mood so hopefully they enjoy the class as the relaxation hormones and chemicals start to flow

Baby's Clutch

Heading 2