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Your safety from Covid-19 is of paramount importance to us, so we are:


  • Disinfecting everything and asking you to bring your own mat.  For your use in the class, we provide individual, small baskets with a washed or sanitised scarf & toy to play with; and a cup and individually wrapped biscuits for Mum.  Everything is washed and restocked between clients

  • Providing hand sanitiser and wiping surfaces as needed

  • Using masks as appropriate

  • Kindly asking that you keep your baby with you at all times

  • Ensuring there is ventilation from doors and windows, without making it too cold for babies

  • Giving a partial refund on any in-person class that has to become a live, online class (future lockdowns, teacher self isolating).  Giving full refund if class cannot run online either.

  • Please do ask if you would like a copy of our Covid-19 Risk Assessment

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