Welcome to your postnatal recovery

I had a tricky postnatal journey - feeding issues; severe colic; no sleep; and a long term back injury. 

I didn't take care of myself and by the time my youngest was 2, my back injury became so severe that I needed to use a wheelchair outside of the house. 

Fast forward to today and by the miracle of surgery, physio and Pilates I am a Postnatal Pilates Recovery Teacher.  I am passionate in helping you become strong enough to enjoy life with your little one - to get to the point of being happy to climb a tree and ride a bike with your little one!

How I can help

Inperson Mum & Baby Strengthen and Stretch

A gentle work out reconnecting that body and brain connection to your core.  I can check your tummy gap and advise on when to move to more strenuous exercise.  Baby comes too and is on the mat with you all the time enjoying scarves, bubbles and rattles as well as a little bit of Baby Yoga just for them. Tea and chat time too!  Use button below to scroll to Tuesdays on the schedule for more details and to book. 

Live online Pilates

Just for Mums from the comfort of your own home.  Working at a higher level now to target the whole body but epecially core.  A one hour full class on a Tuesday and a shorter, more intense half hour class on a Saturday morning.  Recording available soon after if you can't make it live. Use button below to scroll through schedule to Tuesday and Saturday for more details and to book.

Inperson Pop Up Pilates

4 week inperson Postnatal Recovery Pilates that run from time to time in the evening in Ruislip.  Mums only!  A chance to take your recovery to the next level and get feedback on your positioning and a quick tummy check.  A cuppa and a chat afterwards too!  Click the button to join the list to hear about the next course.

VIP Postnatal Pilates Packages

Various packages starting at just £45 - all have different lengths of follow up, number of home visits and accountability help.

I come to your home to listen to your personal goals, your recovery journey so far and check your core & posture (all through clothes and very simply).  We then exercise together so I can see what you enjoy and how your body is responding. 

Afterwards I make a 15 min personalised video for you to help you meet your goals.  Sent to your phone and very short so that it's easy to do.  Click the button to contact me and I can explain or email you the details.