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Trauma & Birth Reflection - Birth Partner Workshop - Weaning Workshop - Daddy & Me while Mummy has Tea

Online Workshops & Seminars - Retreats

Trauma & Birth Reflection

By appointment only

The service I offer is x3 one-hour sessions on a one to one basis.

I will take you through a deeply relaxing guided meditation rooted in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), which is aimed at helping you recover from challenging and/or traumatic memories of birth and early parenting. Its aim is to disrupt automatic patterns of response to memories.

Birth Partner

In-person and Zoom online

For pregnant women and their birth partners. Come and learn important birth partner skills like massage and breathing techniques, as well as helpful positions and practical tips such as how to transfer a labouring woman to hospital.


Contact me to arrange

Weaning Workshop
& support package


When the time comes to wean our baby quite often we don't know where to start or what to do. In this informal and relaxed workshop we will cover all your weaning questions. Includes ongoing support. Babies and partners are welcome. 


Daddy & Me 


This is Dad's time to experience a baby class while Mums join in or take a break depending on the session. Dads come together for quality bonding time with their babies enjoying simple Baby Massage and Baby Yoga in a non-judgemental environment.



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Online workshops & seminars

Courses you can work though in your own time and monthly Zoom seminars on topics of interest. e.g.

Birth Partner Support

Creating a Birth Plan

Soothing a colicky baby

Finding your identity as a mum

Finding childcare

Returning to work


Feel free to suggest a topic.

Coming soon
Hand Massage


A day away from it all, to relax, reflect, laugh and rest. Pregnancy, postnatal and couples themed retreats. Including all food and drink, therapies (i.e. massage, beauty) and any reflective craft activities.



Coming soon
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