'I'm away next week and will miss joining the class but am looking forward to starting again in September, can't do without out it!Thank you for the way you run the class and all that you do!'

Yvonne, BellyTots graduate (grown up child!) in Working Mum's Pilates Class, Sept 2020

Thank you so much for the (Refresher Birth Partner) session yesterday. It was very useful and we're so glad that we did. Thanks for hints and tips for introducing the new baby to our toddler. I was so relaxed after the session that I had a good night's sleep. Thanks once again. Would definitely recommend it to others.

Meera, 2nd time Mum, July 2020

Thank you so much for adapting to the online world! I really enjoyed your classes and didnt get to start 1 in person but can say I really enjoyed the online zoom from the comfort of my own home and practicing (labour) techniques in a space where I actually used them. Having said that, would have been really lovely to meet every1 in person 😃. I really look forward to joining some new mumma classes! Xx

Kim, first time Mum to Alfie July 2020

Thank you Liz for helping this new mumma get through lockdown...without the online classes I really wouldn’t know what I would have done ❤️❤️

Sharan, first time Mum to Ajit, July 2020

Thank you for all your advice and guidance in the classes. The virtual sessions have been really good and it's nice to bond with mums and mums-to-be. Keep up the good work 💗💖

Meera, Second time Mum, July 2020

Thank you so much for the wonderful class. Millie and I really enjoyed the (online) Baby Massage sessions 🙂

Nehal, 2nd time Mum, April 2020


Thanks so much Liz! The (online) Baby Yoga session really brightened up our afternoon!🤗xx

Miriam, 1st time Mum to Austen, April 2020

Thank you so much for the online class last night I really enjoyed it and I love routine so it was nice to stick to my weekly routine...... thank you for the last few months. Your classes have helped me with my mental health and well as keeping my body and baby healthy and happy.   I will def be recommending you and returning once baby is here.

Holly, pregnant Mum, March 2020

Baby Gibson 2 was born on 4th Feb... It’s a girl! Planned c section was an amazing experience - such a friendly and relaxed team in the theatre. They offered to lower the screen down so we could actually see her being born - this was incredible and an extra exciting way to find out her sex too. Skin to skin was so quick and they didn’t clean her up at all, so all her lovely vernix could sink in. Deep breathing techniques were very helpful as walking into the theatre for the epidural suddenly felt very overwhelming and at times when the tugging/pressure was strong they gave me something
else to focus on. Thank you for all the help and positivity with this pregnancy. 

Robyn 2nd time Mum, Feb 2020

Baby arrived much quicker than her brother - 12 hours in total and only 2.5 in active labour. All done at the midwife led unit at hillingdon on the gas and air! Breathing through the contractions was so helpful as well - thanks for your help in reminding me of all that! Hope to come to some of your baby classes in future :).

Rozi, 2nd time Mum, Jan 2020


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the knowledge, support and advice you share with mums-to-be! I wouldn't be able to cope with contractions and labour pain (oh well, now I know what it's like) if I didn't know anything about breathing techniques and relaxation you'd been teaching us.  Jamie and myself will be back soon ☺. 

Alina, first time Mum to Jamie, Oct 2019

Fantastic event yesterday. Hubby had a good time bonding with Arian and I really enjoyed the pampering!
I had the massage and mini manicure and they were both superb.

Leanne, Mum to Arian aged 5m, Oct 2019


Nathan and I absolutely loved Daddy and Me yesterday! And Nathan slept really well after the class so we would definitely like to attend the next session on 30th November :-) Thank you for having us!

Yasmin, Mum to Nathan aged 8 weeks, Oct 2019


I absolutely loved the class.  I felt so relaxed afterwards and had the most amazing night's sleep. Thank you for being so

welcoming too and managing to include everyone despite being at different stages.

Anna, first pregnancy, August 2019 

Your classes helped  me through the birth of my two children and helped me be positive during labour and avoid using an epidural.  I'm forever grateful!

Sairah, Mum of 2, July 2019

Thanks a lot Liz....you made such a big difference to my pregnancy and maternity leave time!!

Sura, Mum to 1y old Nadiya, July 2019

Fantastic and welcoming instructor, who not only encourages you but gives you confidence that labour is a part of life and can be overcome. The class is very informative and it suggests a lot of tips and if you are in need to talk about anything Liz is very helpful, open minded and makes you feel at ease. It’s a very peaceful place to be and you don’t want the classes to end. The exercises are handy as I’m currently using them for my labour phase. Thank you so much Liz for being a supportive and caring friend x

Anisha, first time Mum, expecting Jan 2019

Jasmine was born on Sunday.... the induction of labour was quite intense but with the epidural and a great birth partner, I managed it. We are well, the 3 of us.... Thank you again for your help and I hope to come back in 7 weeks or so for the postpartum classes.  Please keep me updated as you always do and a big hi and good luck to the others mum to be I met.

Emma, first time Mum to Jasmine Sept 2018 

I hope you are well! Just to let you know of my baby news - we had a lovely little baby boy in the early hours of Thursday morning, just a day before due date! The birth was really smooth and I got to deliver in the birthing pool which was always my hope. Time to put all of the theory into practice now...Thanks for all of your advice through my pregnancy, it's made a real difference.

Mel, first time Mum Sept 2018

The breathing exercises from class really helped me as it gave me something to focus on. I was active the whole time which also helped.... Personally using meditation CDs and some of our yoga positions also did the trick too. I want you to know that although it didn’t end up the way I would have liked it, Poppy was calm the whole time I was in labour.

Her base heart rate stayed at about 135. Just wanted to thank you for everything and all your support while I was pregnant. I found all our lessons so valuable and really helped me in my journey. This just shows you the power of a calm birth (no matter what form it may come in!). It might not be the road you would normally take, but it was

the road that was made for you. This photo was taken in recovery. As soon as they put her on me she knew exactly where she needed to go to get a feed. It’s the most magical thing! Babies are just incredible and know exactly what they


Heidi, first time Mum to Poppy (induced labour and Cesarean birth) update and photo sent July 2018

Best wishes and thank you again for the fantastic sessions which I have thoroughly enjoyed and found most helpful. 

Nicola, expecting first baby July 2018

Liz, you are a wonderful woman. So calm, patient and caring. The classes have made so much difference to me, my mindset and my stress levels. Thank you!
Lisa Finnet, expecting first baby, May 2018

Aarun was delivered at 36+6, he couldn’t wait till 37 weeks hehe! And definitely a big boy 🤣 thank you for all your help Liz, it really helped in my delivery, I couldn’t have done it without the breathing techniques and increased oxytocin levels! ❤ x

Chandni, first time Mum, May 2018, Ceasarean Birth

I have been in Liz's class since week 20 and now in week 29. The exercise has been really beneficial to keep my fitness level but most importantly I lost a lot of the worries about birth by talking to other mums to be. Liz has a very soothing and reassuring personality and makes everyone feel welcome and respects all birth choices in the group which makes it very inclusive. It's a great way of getting to know other mums locally over a longer period of time and share the same journey. Thanks Liz for providing a local and affordable exercise class & community!  

Sura Hussein, expectant mum, May 2018

Liz’s classes were really relaxing, I always left feeling totally relaxed and super zen! 
The discussions that we had were really informative and useful. I was booked for an elective c section but Liz always made a point to include me in different exercises and made it relevant to the birth I was going to have. I ended up going into labour before my booked c section date so all the breathing exercises came in very useful until I got to have my c section.  It was also great to chat to the other mums in class and I’ve made friends who I know I will friends with for life.
I would highly recommend Liz’s class and I felt it really helped to prepare me for the birth and life with my gorgeous, and very active, now 9 month old little girl Tali. 

Gemma, first time Mum to Tali, 2017 and update in May 2018

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our son!.. We're all fine, just very tired!.. Thanks Liz, your teachings and tips were invaluable again!! 

Yagna, Manish and a very happy big sister Maya on arrival of baby number 2.


Thanks for all the tips!

Laura, first time Mum to Annie, May 2018

Thank you so much for all of your help and advice in class, it helped throughout labour and my ceasarean birth. I’m having contractions when feeding him so still using breathing to help (Nov 2017)......... (update 4 months later)...Billy is four months now and thriving and my recovery has gone really well considering I had to have a c section, I’ve been back in action at buggyfit twice a week since he was 8 weeks so I’m really glad I kept active throughout pregnancy as it really seems to have helped! Wishing all of the other ladies in class all the best.

Ella, first time mum, Nov 2017 and March 2018

Just wanted to thank you for everything.  Whilst I couldn't use a lot of the exercises due to being monitored as bub's heartbeat was crazy erratic, the breathing did me wonders and your advice ran through my mind and helped me make the right decisions and ask the right questions....he is super gorgeous and you were right, it was all worth it.

Rakhee, first time mum, February 2018

We are proud to introduce our baby boy and little princess...They came early at 34 weeks.  I ended up giving birth naturally.  The little guy was too eager, came butt first!  Thank you, the classes were great and helped for sure.

Archy, first time mum of twins, February 2018

I had a hindwater leak, and at 6pm on Tuesday the remaining waters were finally ruptured and by 1.27am this morning baby Arabella was here! I had originally planned a birth in the birth centre, where I could move freely but I ended up on labour ward strapped up to a monitor the whole time on iv antibiotics. They wanted to put me on the drip to increase my contractions but I insisted I wasn’t going to have it and went from 4cm to pushing in 6hrs with just gas and air and all the amazing breathing techniques you taught me!!! I was calm (ish) the whole time and felt in control, even though my birth plan went out the window! It wasn’t the labour I had planned, but I wouldn’t have had it any differently. Everything I learned in class really helped and I really couldn’t have got through a very fast and very intense labour without all the techniques you taught me! I will be forever grateful!!!!  Thank you so so so much for everything

Kerry Flanagan, second baby, January 2018 


As promised just sharing the news that our baby was born in the early hours of Wednesday morning. A water birth with no drugs apart from gas and air for the final hour or so. We were discharged late afternoon of the same day. We are all doing well and really happy that we achieved the birth we wanted. Thank you so much for the very important part you played in getting us there, our class with you made a big difference.

Liz Singer, 2nd baby, Dec 2017

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