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Just wanted to say thanks

for all the breathing techniques in class, it's what got me through 18 hours of labour and 2 hours of pushing. I used all the positions and breathings!

Still trying to figure out how

I did it!


Really appreciate all of your support, wisdom and kindness.

Your online classes were the best support we've had (during the Covid Pandemic).

It gave us something to look

forward to; normality and

vital communication with you and other mums. 


Thanks again for everything you’ve done for us in these tough recent months Liz. The classes have been a small dose of normality and Emilie just loves the class and being able to see the other babies. She comes alive in a way that I don’t see any other time of the week.


Thank you so much for the Birth Partner session. It was very useful and we're so glad we did.

Thanks for hints and tips for introducing the new baby to our toddler. I was so relaxed after the session that I had a good night's sleep. Would definitely recommend it to others.


on Newborn Support 

It was exactly what I needed. From breastfeeding advice to handy tips & recommendations, postnatal recovery guidance, and most importantly some great counsel on finding my new identity as a mum.

Highly recommend.

Neil & Asha

on Daddy & Me

We just wanted to say thank you for the Daddy and Me

class today. We really enjoyed it and it was a great way for daddy to bond.


on Trauma & Birth Reflection 

Liz made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, which allowed me to trust Liz and the process. Before (the sessions), my son's birth was quite a dark and difficult memory to recall, whereas now these memories are filled with joy, pride and a feeling of warmth.


on Trauma & Birth Reflection 

Liz I'll never be able to explain how much you helped me get through this birth and experience. My toddler had the best time with his Nana and Nanny and I've been completely fine, not worried about him or anything. Been able to be present completely and enjoy this time with number 2 with absolutely no guilt. It's incredible. 


on Trauma & Birth Reflection 

Lovely baby number 2 was born 2 weeks earlier than the expected c-section date. The work we did together seriously helped during the c-section, as being awake this time (general anaesthetic for first Ceasarean birth) was very strange. 

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