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National Childbirth Trust (NCT) is the national charity for pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

“Before babies are able to speak or even respond to sounds and sights, they communicate with the world around them through touch”

Sarah (NCT Affiliate)

Sarah is an NCT Affiliate and has been running NCT Baby Massage courses since 2010. Sarah is trained and licensed by NCT but operates this course independently of NCT. She is also a fully qualified Antenatal Educator, Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner, Breastfeeding Counsellor, Introducing Solids Leader, NCT Baby Massage Instructor and Peter Walker Developmental Baby Massage Certified Teacher also Peter Walker trained too.


Join this lovely in-person 5-week Baby Massage course to receive reminder videos to keep for practicing at home; a digital prompt chart, plus:


  • Learn safe and relaxing baby massage strokes in a relaxed, friendly environment

  • Explore the emotional and physical benefits for babies and parents

  • Help strengthen your baby’s digestive system

  • Facilitate language development with singing, scarves and toys

  • Enjoy breathing awareness and stretching for parents/carers

  • Explore relevant parent and baby topics like teething, tummy time & colicky behaviour


Courses run for 4 or 5 consecutive weeks on Wed or Thurs afternoons.  The same information is covered in both courses, the 5 week course enables more practice, more input from Sarah and more time to ask questions and enjoy making new friends.


Book now:

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