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VIP Pilates Packages
Pregnancy or Postnatal

Bronze Package - £88
  • 1.5h in your home​

  • Tummy check if postnatal (through clothes) for Diastasis Recti and to help assess core strength

  • Posture check to look for effects of pregnancy (flared ribs, posterior pelvis etc..) which may be affecting you (inc years after birth).

  • Listening to your fitness goals

  • Gentle stretching and strengthening together

  • Sending you a personalised video for you to do to reach your goals.

Silver Package - £148

All the above plus:

  • Goody bag when you have done your video 10 times (yes, I can tell!)

  • Weekly check in and encouragement via WhatsApp from me for 2m

  • Free trial class of inperson Pilates (Pregnancy Class or Mum Only Pilates).

All above plus:​

  • x2 further 1h visits to workout together.

  • Weekly check in and encouragement for 3m

  • A second video when you have completed the first 10 times

Gold Package - £240
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