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What advice do New Dads give for Dads-to-be?

I had such a great time at the latest Daddy & Me session (Daddy & Me while Mummy has tea...and a massage!). The Dads are always such good sports. See the Dad on the left here getting stuck into a little reflexology based massage for is little girl :).

This time I asked the Dads what top advice they would give to Dads-to-be. Here's what they said; pass it on to a Dad-to-be that you know!

1. Get as much sleep as possible, whenever you can, wherever you can. This means that you can be a much greater support to your partner to give her the chance to get the sleep she needs.

2. Consider sleeping in a separate room sometimes to get blocks of sleep so you can work safely.

3. Give Mum as many naps as you can, especially in the daytime if she's breastfeeding and you can't share the night feeds.

4. On nights when you're not working the next day, do the nappy changes and soothing (in a separate room) in between breastfeeds to give a breastfeeding mum a break at nights.

5. Try to enjoy the time with your newborn and savour it; it really does go past too quickly.

6. Trust your instinct when faced with too much conflicting advice and opinion.

7. Do what works for you and your family; don't be swayed by what others think, you and your family are unique.

As well as sharing their hard earned tips with me; the Dads enjoyed learning some Baby Yoga moves as well as other helpful Baby Massage tips for helping their babies manage everything from coughs and colds to teething or constipation. We also played with the babies with colourful scarves and by blowing bubbles, which doubles as a great breathing relaxation for us adults! All followed by the obligatory tea and chat that is essential at postnatal events.

And the Mums? They loved their afternoon tea style refreshments complete with tablecloth, flowers and candles. I just looooove to pamper new mums (mostly cos I wish someone had done it for me!). The lovely Jeanette (pictured left with me) was on hand giving massages in a separate room to each Mum. A lovely day! Can't wait for the next one on 12th Jan!

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