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Short Birth Partner Class: 6th & 14th June

Woman in labour with birth partner

Thursday 6th and 13th June

7.30 - 8.45pm

South Ruislip

£25 total cost

(inc. Mum and Birth Partner for both classes)

Text Liz: 07946 660 927 to book

Whether it's your partner, daughter, friend or someone else, and you're both hoping for a straightforward water birth, or know that you'll need more support in a main delivery suite, being a prepared birth partner will give you much more confidence and can even shorten the birth process and mean Mum needs less medicated pain management. It's quite a daunting responsibility but unimaginably rewarding. The birthing Mama will be forever grateful too!

I love to see birth partners in full NCT Antenatal Classes so that they get lots of chances to discuss many aspects of birth, meet other birth partners to share queries and concerns, plus practice the physical skills that can be so useful, a number of times over

a few weeks. However, either this is not always possible, or perhaps birth partners would just like a bit more of a refresher, especially if they've supported before. Usually I can help the most reluctant person enjoy the class!

My birth partner classes are short, relaxed and friendly (2 x 1h15m classes). The first one looks at how to support in a straightforward birth; the second looks at more complex situations, including how to support in a Ceasarean birth. You're welcome to do just one set of 2 classes; or come to a few sets to practice again and again. I would love to see you. It's never too early to start learning birth partner skills, too, any time from 12 weeks, you are welcome in the class. I'm always available to chat through any questions or concerns after the class or in between classes by text, whatsapp or email.

I set it up similar to the Pregnancy class, so we use exercise mats and sit in a circle; however, there's a bit more teaching involved than in the pregnancy class and we keep it practical, learning different positions for birth, massage techniques and

visualisation/breathing techniques. We learn how the environment makes a huge difference to labouring women and have a quick think about how to positively affect the labouring environment whether you're at home, in the car or in hospital. There's so many small, simple things a birth partner can do that make a powerful difference. Turning the lights down, giving a hug, rubbing Mum's back, giving regular sips of water and offering high energy snacks.....all these things can speed up the birth process. Come to the class to find out why!

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