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Festival holiday with a little one? Yes you can!

I'm collecting tips from the BellyTots Mamas for holidaying with a baby and will collate them all soon. In the meantime, Victoria ( kindly agreed to write up her experience of attending a Festival with her 14m old.

She writes: We bought this festival cart last summer and had so much fun with it.

We didn’t want to take the buggy to festivals because of the mud risk

so we invested in a cart with big wheels! It folds down to fit in the car so it’s perfect.

We lined it with blankets and cushions so she could stretch out and play and dance and nap during the day. At night, we covered it with fairy lights, gave her some glow sticks and she was all cosy and warm.

She absolutely loved being in there

and made lots of friends with all the people who came over to chat to us about it!

The cart has lots of storage for camping chairs and bags. It also comes with a removable roof for rain cover.

It made such a difference having the cart because it meant we could go to a festival and enjoy ourselves without having to worry about bedtime back at the tent at 7pm!

The cart also doubles up as a handy nappy changing station

I think my partner worried that when we had children we wouldn’t be able to do fun stuff like festivals anymore. I think the cart (and a bit of planning) made it possible… and fun!

Of course we still had to run around after a crazy toddler all weekend, but we’re exhausted all the time anyway so it didn’t make much difference 😁

Here’s a link to the one we bought which is designed to be able to have up to 2 children ride in it. We paid a bit more for fatter wheels to withstand the mud, but there are slightly cheaper ones.

Some carts are not designed for children to ride in and, of course, younger ones may try to climb out while being pulled around in it - always read the safety information before use and supervise children carefully at all times.

Do you have a top tip for holidaying with a baby? Please send it over!

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