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Pregnant, new Mum or Graduated? There's a free Love-month goody bag with your name on it here.....

....At February Love Month @ BellyTots!


Cos Valentine's Day.

Cos...goodness me... we all need any old excuse for some fun and a bit of a boost just now.

Cos it keeps me busy - good for my mental health!

And cos it keeps BellyTots alive - lol.

What is it?

Whether you're pregnant; in the happy chaos of early parenting; or graduated (!) you deserve some fun at this difficult time and there is a class or classes perfect for you (click here to request a direct link to a suitable class(es) for you).

Each week in Feb we'll have a different theme and those booked on to any class or classes at all that week will receive 1 treat.....(if you can't attend the live, online class(es) you book, you will still receive the class recording and the treat that week)

And a free coffee morning every Friday!

"Say no more! Book me in now!"

Great :) - Click here.

Week 1

Receive a goody bag in the post with a little bit of love in it just for you.

Week 2

Receive a little craft in the post for all ages to do with your loved ones - for those with babies it doubles as a sensory bag at first too! Some yummy treats thrown in too.

Week 3

Receive a goody bag to give to someone else to share the love and boost their mood.

Week 4

Go on a walk, preferably with a good friend (obeying the guidelines of course!):

-Take a selfie photo of yourself and something beginning with 'L'; something beginning with 'O'; then 'V'; then 'E'! Do you see where I was going with that :D.

-Send the photos to me (; 07946660927 (whatsapp) or Facebook)

-I'll email you a voucher for a free coffee when you buy a slice of cake at The Red Onion Cafe in Ruislip!

Look forward to seeing you at BellyTots in February to share the love.

Click the heart to book if you're in!

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