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Temporary Venue change for 7th, 10th & 14th September Classes!

Today I received my new BellyTots Flag - I love it! Many Mamas find it hard to spot the Queen's Walk South Ruislip venue I usually use for postnatal classes. It must be the way it's positioned or something. So I've invested in this huge flag to act as some kind of beacon and guide you in!

Unfortunately..... I also received something else today. A message from the venue. Instead of the 'Please come in for your back-to-the-building induction' I expected. It said: 'We are not ready and we cannot open until after the 14th Sept'.

I tell you no lie. I cried. For myself (and Jenna!) cos we've worked so hard on this. And I cried for you; cos you've been so supportive and excited to come. You've been working out your journeys to the venue and clarifying where it is and what to bring.

Then I stopped crying and reached for some stress relief: Tea (fave mug), chocolate (extra dark), a candle (clarifying - to help my brain!) and my Dad......

I did not really think my Dad could help but he rang at that moment (and got an earful!).....but I was so wrong. He is friends with The Manager of the Water's Edge Ruislip. And a short conversation later, David, the very kind Manager, was welcoming BellyTots in!

I do hope the temporary venue will actually be lovely for next week. The weather forecast is good so a walk with a coffee from the pub or Cafe is possible. If I'm finished classes, I'd love to join you! The Lido should be nice and quiet with school's back now. Parking is free for those using the pub too.

In terms of Covid, David has reassured me that the Function Area is a much quieter, less used part of the building. It is still subject to the same stringent Covid Cleaning as the rest of the venue between every group.

I am so much happier to be able to run the class for you at the same time in the same format. However, because I can't provide the classes in the venue you expected; if you can't manage the new, temporary venue, for any reason at all, I will:

- Transfer your pay-as-you-go class to after the 14th or refund it

- Refund £8.75 if you have the in person class pass (the cost of 1 week on a class pass)

- Provide a partial class pass refund if you can attend one of your in person classes but not others

Nothing's gonna stop us Mamas meeting up at last!

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