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No Mama alone!
Join our kind community to thrive through pregnancy and beyond

Feel supported, informed, confident and nurtured on this journey of a lifetime through Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates, New Mum Club, Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Socials and so much more.

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Liz Sheridan, BellyTots Founder

“My mission is to nurture pregnant and new mums so they feel heard and supported in kind community whilst ensuring the right information and the right resources are available at the right time”. 

BellyTots specialises in creating kind community for women to thrive through pregnancy & beyond through varied classes and services.

My aim at BellyTots is to provide a kind, supportive community where women never feel alone and always feel supported and nurtured through pregnancy and beyond. I specialise in pregnancy and postnatal pilates & yoga, as well as baby massage, baby yoga and postnatal pilates.


  • I want you to feel physically and emotionally prepared for birth (both natural and caesarean) as well as nurtured in your physical and emotional journey after birth.


  • I want you to gain strength, both in body and mind, to learn to love and care for your pregnant and postnatal body, and to have the energy to enjoy caring for and playing with your babies or children.


I am delighted to include in the BellyTots team, other amazing women here to serve you.  They include: Kim & Daisy, both BellyTots Mamas themselves!  Who now provide Baby Massage and Baby Wearing for you.  We also have Sarah, our Breastfeeding Counsellor, Denise our New Mum Club volunteer,, Kathryn, our Perinatal Mental Health Consultant, Miriam, our go-to Lactation Constulant, Katy our lovely admin supporter and Sam, our tech guru (and another bellyTots Mum) without whom, nothing would happen at all!








I've been working with parents, particularly women, for well over 15 years with both the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and within the National Health Service (NHS). I have supported all types of people, from the most vulnerable to celebrities, in settings which include hospitals, children's centres and Her Majesty's Prison.

I am a trained nurse and a qualified First-Aider. I am DBS checked and hold Public Liability Insurance.


At BellyTots you will find a number of classes and workshops to help you in your pregnancy journey to becoming a new mum (either for the first time, or again), and also to support you into motherhood once baby is born. 


My sessions are held in Ruislip, Middx, and include:

  • Baby Yoga, Pregnancy Pilates & Yoga, Mum & Baby Strengthen and Stretch, NCT Baby Massage, NCT Antenatal Classes, Postnatal Recovery Pilates, and Trauma & Birth Reflection Support.

  • In addition, I also organise occasional events for the women I serve. These include: Weaning workshops, Birth Partner Workshops, Daddy & Me while Mummy has Tea, Pilates & Pinot nights and much more.


I look forward to welcoming you to the wonderful BellyTots community.

With love, Liz x

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Community Comes First

Community always comes first at BellyTots. It is such a privilege to see new friendships blossom as women reach out to support one another at this amazing, awe inspiring and often challenging time in their lives.


When you sign up to join any class you will receive:

Community support & chat

 Free mentoring in our closed Facebook group

Short, guided discussions about motherhood

Themed classes throughout the year

Social events

Weekly email sharing the highs and challenges of motherhood

Drinks and biccies in most classes


Parents Recommend


We've been telling the girls how lovely you are! :) We are also happy you have a class for older kids. There is no way my son would stay still for massage or yoga on Zoom anymore!


These videos are brilliant and so helpful! I've honestly absolutely loved the baby massage course and have learnt so much from them. Sienna has had lots of fun too!


Planned c-section was an amazing experience. Deep breathing techniques from class were very helpful when the tugging/pressure was strong. 

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