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Why baby massage and baby yoga?

I am very sad to be missing the lovely Mamas at Monday evening BellyTots tomorrow; but I'm very excited to be completing my baby massage and baby yoga training with Blossom & Berry this week; and, I must confess, that a rare evening or two out without my own babies in a lovely B&B in Clacton is quite appealing too ; ). A bath with no interruptions, breakfast cooked for me and no washing up....bliss! But I digress....Why baby massage?

I wanted to offer a postnatal class that offered something unique to the wonderful women I meet in pregnancy. I know they are keen to care for themselves and to help their bodies to recover strength and shape following birth......I also know that their babies come first. I felt that any class I offered needed to nurture their babies too.

I love Blossom & Berry's outlook and approach combining gentle stretches for babies that support and encourage a baby's development; plus the many benefits of baby massage. Blossom & Berry have a supportive approach to training and fantastic accreditation. They also donate a proportion of their income to helping mothers and babies in Malawi; something I would like to do through BellyTots as well. Blossom & Berry seek to be research based in what they do, which is also important to me. They offer a research round up on baby massage here:

My colleague Clare, who offers local baby massage classes (#gentletouchbabymassage) summarises some of the many benefits of baby massage. She says: 'It affirms the bond between parent and baby and offers both some precious relaxation; it can help with sleep, settling, relief from wind, colic and constipation. It also promotes baby brain development and can be a useful and lovely part of a bed-time routine.' Clare also recommends obligatory tea and cakes at every session!

So, I look forward to resuming BellyTots Pregnancy Relaxation & Exercise Class next Monday....and to eating chips on the beach in Clacton tomorrow evening. Life is good!

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