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What are you looking forward to doing with your baby?

What are you most looking forward to doing with your baby? Perhaps just that very first cuddle or that huge sigh of relief at birth when it's all done and you know all is well. I think it's lovely to look further ahead too. The first time they see a rainbow and can comprehend it's beauty, the first time they stamp in a puddle in new wellies or their first taste of jelly - a lot of babies really can't bear the texture and pull the most amazing faces!

There are so many options now for things to do with your baby; especially if you have a few Mum friends to share it all with. Initially, just going to coffee shops and each others homes is relaxing and easier. All your baby really wants is you; so they don't mind where they are. Within a few weeks though, babies become more interested in their environment and the whole world of baby groups and classes begins to open up.

Obviously I hope to see you at my baby massage and Mum and Baby Exercise classes (pilates & yoga-based exercises for Mum; gentle stretches for baby; with a little baby massage too). But there are loads more classes besides to suit every interest and every pocket.

I would love to have done baby swimming but I never dared because my babies had such unpredictable, explosive poos! I really should have just had a chat with the swim instructor about this; I'm sure there must be ways round it. I love the idea of being shown how to safely utilise a young baby's natural instinct to not breathe under water as shown in the amazing photo above. How wonderful for them to grow up with no fear of water! You can use this link to find local swimming classes:

NCT have lots going on for Mums and babies which is always low cost and you don't need to be a member to join in the fun. You can NCT events in any area, regardless of where you live. Have a look at these links:

Something else I think I'd have enjoyed was Buggy Fit. A great way to get out in the fresh air and get some postnatal aerobic exercise:

Many parents enjoy sensory classes or sing & sign classes. Explore on line for all these great ways to spend enjoyable time with your baby.

Don't forget your local Children's Centres either. Many great, free things to do with your baby:

And don't forget to balance all the activities with some relaxed time at home too. Time to enjoy your baby and give you both time to process all that's going on.

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