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Love letters for new mothers

I've had a lovely afternoon having cream tea at The Wallace Collection - I felt very grown up. I always have that feeling when I go out without the children, I don't understand it, but it feels good! I was helping to celebrating the launch of this beautiful book. A collection of love letters for new mothers from mothers, curated by Gayle Berry of Blossom & Berry. The letters are funny, reassuring, engaging, encouraging and poignant. Here's an excerpt from one:

'being a parent is as good or as bad as the moment you are in. The warmth of a sleeping baby curled into your body, their warm breath on your face......, until the 'warmth' becomes more urgent, something more physical which now requires your immediate attention. The warmth coming from a leaking nappy can switch the magic to mayhem in an instant......You will take those 'bad' moments on the chin because the good ones are so good.....Know that every emotion is normal and we have to have the rain to appreciate the sunshine. This ride is worth every penny.'

That one made me laugh and cry. Tomorrow evening we'll enjoy Meet-a-Mama-Monday where we'll finish a little earlier to have a drink and refreshments together; our own mini celebration of mother to mother support. It feels perfect having celebrated this lovely book today. I'll be using a few more excerpts from the book in our session tomorrow evening. Our question for discussion tomorrow is:If you were to write a love letter to yourself as you become (or became!) a new Mum, what would it say?

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