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Baby First Aid - should you do it?

Baby First Aid can be a great confidence boosting skill to learn as an expectant or new parent. I get asked so often about how to get on to a Baby First Aid course when they are all so full, that I often wonder if I should retrain 😁.

Thankfully its very, very unlikely you would ever use Baby First Aid skills, it's a 'just in case'. NCT offer Baby First Aid courses in association with the British Red Cross. Have a look at this link if you're interested:

There are many providers online, just check that they're appropriately registered and the instructor is appropriately qualified. If you have a group of friends, maybe an antenatal group, you could all club together and hire an instructor through NCT or privately. Then you just need to find a living room large enough or an outside venue. Sometimes pubs have rooms you can use for free if you have a meal there too.... a nice way to round off your first aid training!

In addition to this, or instead of if you can't get on a course for whatever reason, you could download the free British Red Cross Baby First Aid App for some great guidance:

Remember, you can't be fully prepared for parenthood, it's definitely a 'learn-on-the-job' kind of thing! But anything that decreases stress and increases confidence is going to make you feel loads better.

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