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What makes a great Mum?

We discussed this briefly at the start of the postnatal class. However, instead of actually listing characteristics of a great Mum, which can sometimes give us a list that we find hard to live up to! I posed the question, who is a Mum who really inspires you and why does she inspire you? We used the answers to draw up this list of what makes a great might be a bit different to what you'd expect.

A great Mum...

1. Overcomes difficulties

Some of the Mums mentioned had emigrated and were juggling a new language, culture and

career....all alongside motherhood. Others have overcome fertility issues and loss; or challenging

mental health issues like postnatal depression.....and they're still hanging in there and doing a great

job! Often with a smile that would leave you unable to guess what they've overcome.

2. Does it on her own if she must

Parenting is hard work; we all took our hats off to women who, for whatever reason, are parenting


3. Embraces her own children and/or other peoples too

Some of the Mums who inspired us had taken in step children and raised them as their own; others

had become Grandmas, and were not just loving on their own daughter's baby, but all her daughter's

friend's babies too!

4. Isn't afraid to be unconventional

Some women had been inspiring because they made different decisions and approached issues from a

different angle which had led other Mums to find creative solutions to their own issues.

5. Accepts her children as they are

Mums who managed not to freak out over kids having issues, also made it into our hall of fame. We

could all agree that being able to tell your Mum anything and know she won't freak out, was a great


6. Relaxed and responsive

We thought it was great when Mums manage to be chilled out and respond to situations rather than

react. I think we can all let ourselves off the hook here; tell me I'm not the only mum who's lost the

plot (the days the kids pulled the curtain pole and curtains down springs to

mind....oops)? But it is so helpful for our kids and for us, when we can let things go and choose a

response rather than just react. But, of course, on the days where that doesn't happen, it's a great

opportunity to teach our children the important art of apology ; ).

What would your list include?

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