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My New Year Non-Resolution

Fireworks for New Year celebration

I love the idea of New Year's Resolution; but I also know myself well. I don't tend to stick to New Year's Resolutions! In common with many people of course.

However, I do like the concept of a Non-resolution. Something I'm going to stop doing that will be kind and helpful to me. In 2020, I'm going to stop scheduling all the white out of my calendar. Do you know

what I mean? Someone asks me if I'm free; I look on the calendar and there's a sliver of white - I must be free! I think to myself, and wedge yet another activity in. But, of course, I end up with no time to do the stuff of life. Admin, laundry, grocery shopping - nothing exciting, but it sure does get 'exciting' when these things are not done in a timely manner.

I like to be busy, but I also like my sanity. The words of my personal productivity coach James (of Personal Best) ring in my ears:

'Fully scheduled is over scheduled'. He is so right. Therefore, this year, I'll be deliberately leaving good chunks of 'white' on my calendar as buffer zones so that the stuff of life can get done, and I can feel more calm and in control.

Is there something you could stop doing in 2020 that would carve out some space and time to welcome your little one? And maybe help your sanity at the same time!

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