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#Baby Class Survival Guide 3: What if they need a feed during the class?

This one is super easy to answer - if they need a feed during the class....feed them :).

If they need feeding, just stop and feed them, don't try to keep them going - although it's a bit frustrating to have to stop the class, it's better than them having a meltdown!

Kim - Mum & Baby Strengthen and Stretch

Tips for breastfeeding in class

  • Practice feeding in different situations - like a park bench, so that it feels easier and easier to just feed where you need to

  • If it would make you feel more comfortable, consider a muslin cloth clipped to your clothes with a hair clip, or even buying a specially designed breastfeeding cover

  • Ask your class teacher in advance for where you could feed in private if you prefer.

'I needn't have worried about breastfeeding in the class -

there were boobs everywhere! :)'

Baby Yoga Mama

Tips for bottlefeeding in class

  • Unfortunately with Covid guidelines, it isn't normally possible to use the kitchen in venues at the moment to help with making up or heating bottles of formula.

  • Current recommendations are not to prepare formula feeds in advance of when they are needed; but there is some helpful NHS advice if you scroll down here for formula feeding out and about.

'I preferred to make up a feed just before leaving home to bring with me to class, even if I had to throw it away as it was just easier. Thankfully my baby didn't mind his milk cold.'


  • If you are transporting expressed breastmilk, there's some helpful info here.

What about weaning?

Feel free to bring snacks that your baby needs. You might wish to check with the class teacher if there are any covid guidelines or other restrictions to giving your baby snacks during the class. This isn't a problem in my classes.

'I wouldn't recommend bringing any coloured food to a class. I once brought tomato pasta in a small tub without thinking. It went everywhere!'

Robyn - Mum & Baby Strengthen & Stretch

Small tubs with a few of their current favourites could work well. Or using some pre packaged baby snacks. Don't forget their cup of water if they need it too.

I hope you've enjoyed our Baby Class Survival series and feel ready to take the plunge!

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