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Blugh - My 10 top tips for coping with lockdown blues

I am not feeling good today - along with the majority of the UK population I would think; and, of course, the wonderful BellyTots Mamas. Lockdown with a little one (or ones) is a whole different level. Add financial, health and/or mental health stuff, and you've got a whole different level again.

I feel in some ways that I have no right to complain. I get so much love, support and understanding from the BellyTots Mamas; I have a secure roof over my head; I and my loved ones have our health; and there's every reason to believe that BellyTots will survive and even thrive come the Spring.

But still. Blugh.

I know I'm not alone in feeling this. And I'm not fighting it - too much. It's very understandable given the circumstances. Whatever our situations, whether better or worse than others, we're allowed to be - blugh. These are my 10 go-to measures when I'm feeling Blugh. Please tell me yours! They may be better than my humble offerings.....

1. Recognise that the only guarantee is that nothing stays the same forever, whether good or bad, so it's

impossible for Blugh to stay forever.

2. To an extent, ride the wave. It is is what it is.

3. Do something easy, normal, familiar and routine that will bring some benefit.

Sort a load of laundry, straighten the kitchen, tidy a drawer, get something out of the freezer for tea.

4. Do something you enjoy - I am writing this blog! - but it might be colouring in, singing, playing an instrument, sewing, painting, reading, meditating, sketching, cooking, phoning someone, doing a short exercise video, listening to music.

5. Plan something nice for the nearish future. I'm planning to buy myself a nice candle later on (online of course!) to cheer the place up since the Christmas decorations have just come down.

6. Use healthy pick me ups - I love the mood boost teas (Happy by Teapigs is my fave); CBD oil drops and dark chocolate.

7. Do something nice for someone else (I'm enjoying planning some lockdown treats for the BellyTots Mamas!).

8. Watch an episode (or 3) of a favourite series - my go to is Friends or Big Bang Theory. I've watched all the episodes so many times that the characters feel like family now!

9. Walk quickly round the block (I know that a walk in nature is a fabulous thing to for mental health, but I can rarely muster the energy to do so when in 'blugh' mode).

10. Get the bare minimum done for today and start again tomorrow.

Hope there's something of use there. I feel a little better cos I love writing blogs! All finished. Time to sort that load of laundry and then an episode of Friends I between fielding children (teens) and trying to pretend there isn't a dinner waiting to be cooked....mmmm......I wonder if I can catch the other half before he leaves Asda and get him to pick up a few pizzas.....!

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