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Half term Halloween fun at BellyTots!

Above is the gorgeous Halloween craft that Becky of I Do Handmade has designed and crafted for us! The babies will have mess-free fun creating their very own painting as the backing to these lovely templates. All will be revealed in the usual classes on...

Fancy dress for babies - a bottle of bubbly for the overall winner from all 5 classes! To be announced on Fri 30th.

My amateur photographer daughter will join us to snap the babies throughout the class - always at a flattering angle for Mum!

She has a professional camera and will upload the photos to a secure drop box where only the Mums from class will be able to access the photos. They can be freely downloaded - but please never download another parent's photo or share to social media without that parent's express permission.

I can't wait to see you there! And if you are moving even further ahead to thinking of Christmas and other celebrations through winter, you can have a read of the benefits of establishing family traditions here.

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