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Simple Mama treats for Valentine weekend

Many of us don't normally celebrate Valentine's at all, but somehow..

..any excuse to celebrate anything in lockdown feels good!

This week I've been asking the BellyTots Mamas for ideas to make Valentine's weekend special even if we're ditching romance!

Here's our roundup of simple (and, ok, some not quite so simple!) ways to cheer yourself up.

Spread the love - especially to yourself as a Mama - this weekend.

1. Do less! This very simple idea is to spend some time with any loved ones you can safely gather round you this weekend and try to do a bit less than normal. Slow the pace and take a breath.

2. Get a takeaway! But order ASAP just in case they're busy.

3. Order a restaurant 'cook at home' kit - all ingredients provided and measured out for you; so you can easily whip up your favourite restaurant meal at home.

4. Buy some yummy special food to have - M&S meal for two boxes were popular but heart shaped pizzas from Asda were a hit too!

5. Order an afternoon tea to be delivered. Honeybees in Ruislip Manor were especially mentioned and have lots of slots left at the time of writing. Even if it's just for you. Why not?

6. Go back to your childhood and make a Valentine's card for someone who could do with cheering up. Maybe make a very simple one for a little one (even for a bump!) and pop it in a memory box for posterity.

7. Make a list of all the people that love you and all the people that like you and all the people that are likely to have a positive view of you. It can be very illuminating just how many people there are! Please put me somewhere on that list :).

8. Cheer up one other person this weekend who doesn't live with you. Even if it's just a nice text to let them know you're thinking of them. When we're a bit down, it can give us a welcome moment's respite from our difficulties to move our minds on to someone else for a short time. If it's possible to drop a card, a couple of choccies or a little flower or two to them - so much the better! Maybe you can order flowers to be delivered next week to them? (This weekend, flowers can be very expensive ;D ).

9. Look up a super easy playdough recipe (flour, salt and water - that's it!) and whip some up. If you're feeling adventurous, add food dye and glitter. Shape it into a simple heart shape and press finger prints of you and your loved ones in to it (scratch the date on the back). Allow to air dry for a day or three; then paint to preserve. Nail varnish works well, or poster/acryllic paints if you have them.

10. Fill a sock with simple goodies for your little one(s) or big one(s) for some Valentine morning fun.

11. Buy some Valentine decorations, just to cheer the place up and give you something different to look at. Amazon prime is helpful for this.

12. If you have older children, make a trail for them to follow. Simple pictures for very little ones to lead them to the next clue; or written clues for even older children. Lead them to a little treat.

13. See if you can carve out time - even just 10 minutes! - for a bubble bath with candles. It may seem like a lot of effort for such a short length of time - and normally it would be. But you are MORE than worth it.

14. Enjoy a favourite film of any genre (not necessarily romantic) - even if you have to pause it repeatedly to attend to little ones who've decided (again) that sleep is for wimps.

Do hope there's something there to give you a lockdown lift. Thanks so much to all the Mamas once again for sharing your great ideas.

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