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As the sun sets on our 2020 Summer Special....we're getting ready for relaunch!

A HUGE thank you once again to the lovely lockdown Mamas who have kept BellyTots (and me!) going. I can't believe I got to see some first birthdays - definitely a silver lining to our lockdown online classes that the older ones were able to stay much longer in the class as they were contained in their living rooms and not trying to get out of the fire exit in our usual venue!

We are coming to the end of our Online Summer Special now. Friends and family are still welcome to jump aboard for the last week and try out a few classes on a pay-as-you-go basis. Click here.

For the week commencing 31st August - there is just the one Baby Yoga class on 31st and after that there are no live classes for that week. As I'll be preparing for our big relaunch of both in person and online classes on 7th Sept! More on that coming.

For week commencing 31st August, pre recorded classes will once again be available to Mamas who purchased the class pass. If you didn't have the August Class Pass, the pre records can be bought at a discounted rate. Or use the week to prepare for your new term - whatever that might look like! For many lockdown mamas it involves getting ready for in person classes again...or even, very excitingly (and probably with one or two nerves) getting ready for in person baby classes for the very first time.

BellyTots in-person classes start on 7th September and bookings go live any day now. Watch this space or contact us to get on the waiting list.

  • Details are here for pregnancy to 12 weeks postnatal

  • Here for 12 weeks plus.

  • Days and times of online classes are changing, check here for details.

Getting ready to go back to in person has been.....interesting. I have bottles of hand sanitiser everywhere that I've bought in bulk; boxes full of individually wrapped biscuits; and an enormous parachute that will ensure mums keep 2m apart! All very different to pre lockdown!

Never, in a million years, could I have foreseen needing to make a sign for baby classes that read 'Catch it, Bin it, Kill it' - insane! But the Risk Assessment is complete and Covid 19 training completed; our venue have started Covid cleaning protocol as standard.

We are ready for action! See you soon, online or in person, or both!

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